Options for all landscaping styles

Decorative Stone, flagstone, and pallets of CST Pavers, we have a variety of all types ready for your next project.

CST Pavers

A variety of block types and finishes to meet any need.

1 1/2" Salt & Pepper

1 1/2" River Blend

1" Cinder

1" River Rounds

1A Modified

2-3" Red

2-3" Stone

2A Modified Red

2A Modified

3/4" Blue Stone

3/4" Pebble Beach

3/4" Red and Blue

3/4" Red

3/4" River Jack

3/4" River Round

3/4" Salt and Pepper

3/4" White

3/8" Blue Stone

3/8" Pea Gravel

3/8" Pebble Beach

3/8" Red

3/8" River Jack

3/8" Rose Stone

3/8" Salt and Pepper

3/8" White

3" River Round

4-8" River Round

Blue Stone Tread

Cinder Boulder

Cold Patch

Colonial Wall Stone Pallet

Cut Blue Stone

Dark Blue Stone Dust

Field Stone Wall Pallet

Granite Belgium Block

Irregular Flagstone

Light Blue Stone Dust

Pebble Beach Mix

Red Stone Dust

Rip Rap

Vermont Green Slate

Vermont Red Slate

Vermont Slate Flagstone

West Mountain Wall Stone

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